Hey you, welcome here in our About section! We’re pleased to introduce you to RoomD, the design unit born to help you redefine your brand to connect it with users in today’s post-digital society.

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  • 6a5a073f7fdca01182f244b22ca459d5829ef47a
    Michela Sansone
    The boss
  • Fede300x300
    Federico Paffetti
    Baggio designer
  • Ebbb23d9b7279e3971c7e5fab68e4564572ad132
    Gabriele Marchetti
    CIG Designer
  • Anna foto copia
    Anna Battistin


Iren/Mondo/Accademia del mobile/Keglevich/Porsche/

Iren/Mondo/Accademia del mobile/Keglevich/Porsche/

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